Detoxifying Weeks

Purification and regeneration treatment

4 cups of herbal tee 7 times a day
(1 cup each morning – late morning – noon – before going to bed)
about 1 ½ liters of still water throughout the day

5 teaspoons „Wurzelkraft” per day
(1 teaspoon morning, midday and evenings, 2 teaspoons before going to bed)

5 Alkaline salt foot bath per week
(30 – 60 mins during the day or in the evenings)

1 – 2 Alkaline salt bath per week
(30 – 120 mins or longer)

We will inform you in detail about alkaline body, dental hygine and socks for the night.

Millet buckwheat porridge with fruit, nuts, yogurt
(We prepare the breakfast for you every day fresh)

Lunch and dinner
We will be happy to give suggestions and provide you with delicious recipes.

Associated therapeutic treatments
1 Energetic massage
1 Reflexology or
1 Foot-lymph treatment
weekly gentle back exercises and breath coaching in the open country in combination with gentle physical exercise (walking, cycling, cross country skiing)

Price per person per week € 300,–
(The detox, we also offer as part of our all-inclusive weeks)
For this treatment we use the products of the company P. Jentschura.
Medical monitoring is available on request but not included in the price.

Our programs are intended as a preventive measure to maintain health.
For medical treatment a doctor’s prescription is required.

Herma Katharina Ottl: Registered masseur, balneotherapist, breathing coach and reflexologist
Ernst Ottl: Registered masseur, balneotherapist and Shiatsu therapist.